“Aina Hoskins is an extremely grounded and thoughtful coach and trainer. Confronting negative belief systems can be tricky – but she never failed to really reach me with strength and grace and help me develop my own personal set of tools and strategies to help ground the principles in my life. When results started happening in my life – it was and continues to be a huge WOW”  ~ CB – West Hartford, CT

“Aina Hoskins is a considerate, knowledgeable coach and engaging teacher. Putting prosperity principles to work every day in her own life, she’s who I turn to for inspiration and guidance. Her classes are filled with personal “aha” moments, providing all of the participants with a supportive and comfortable environment and inviting us all to live a more abundant life. Thank you Aina!”  ~ LD – Windsor, CT

“Thank you for helping me get focused in visioning the life that I want and now know I can get! Your coaching, tools, and wonderful support infused with the light of who you are is priceless.” ~ DW – Manchester, CT

“I have participated in a ten week class called Prosperity Plus, in which Aina was the presenter. It is because I found her to be professional, uplifting, organized, well versed in the material and a fun presenter that I registered for the second class, Prosperity Plus II. Aina truly believes in the core values of what she presents and this comes across to her participants with enthusiasm. It was my honor to co-facilitate workshops with Aina called “Open Heart”, an Art and Vision Workshop. I find her professional and personal ethics to be honest, sincere and of top quality. I look forward to co-facilitating other workshops with her in the future.”
Lisa Barrett, Owner
Touched By Art

“Often in life when I needed to speak to a coach, lawyer or doctor, they were not available. Hours, even days passed and still no phone call. All the while, the problem I faced never got resolved. Not so with Aina. Aina ALWAYS answered my calls in person. When she was unable to take the call, she got back to me in a timely manner. One time I called her about a relationship breakup I had. She not only listened, but helped calm me down so I was able to get through the rest of the day. Another time I asked her some tough questions relating to spirituality . Again she listened 100% and helped me to see things from another perspective.
Aina is honest, patient and has integrity. She is a solutions-based person and gave me the tools to move forward in my life. One of things I appreciate about Ania is she gives 100%. When I needed her, she was always there for me. Thank you Aina.” ~ S.G.

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