Make room for the gifts the Universe has in store for you

May 6, 2015By 0 Comments

thank-you-picture-thank-you-quotesThe Universe is ready to send you all sorts of gifts, do you have room to receive them? Do you say “Thank You” when you receive the gifts?
I think one of the most important practices is to clear and make room. Over the weekend I cleared and cleaned in my closet as well as my office. My son helped me clear and clean in the garage yesterday. I am letting the Universe know that I am ready for my good.
When a gift comes my way – I make sure the accept and say “thank you”. I was told I had a beautiful smile the other day, I responded “thank you for noticing”. I was invited to dinner over the weekend and they offered to pay, I said “thank you so much, I truly appreciate it”.
Do you lovingly receive your gifts or do say “oh no” ¬†or “oh no, thats ok, I can pay”. That is telling the Universe you are not ready to receive.
Practice clearing and then practice saying “Thank You”.
Here’s to welcoming you good!

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